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Need to get your message across to you staff around the world At conference studio London we offer a Online virtual studio hire Studio where delegates can come to the studio and broadcast and your conferences to all online so your staff can see everything online within their business from their laptops or computers . Studio we have a full set of TaylorMade with your business logo.

How does it work?

The future was always going to be virtual conferences where by a panel or the managing director of a company would address their colleagues and staff via video conferencing. It was always going to be a possibility for the future where conferences would be online. Gone are the days for everyone leaving their desks to have a meeting with their managing directors or bosses. With the current situation with the pandemic the future has become now. More and more companies are working remotely and more and more conferences are done via video conferencing. This is where we have invested our freetime over the last few years to create a virtual conference studio where upon companies who need to get a message out to their staff and employees all over the world can deliver their message.


conference studio
Conference studio
conference studio

How does it work virtual conference studio?

We have full conferencing facilities that are able to stream online over the internet that can be intergrated with any current web based video conference platform that you are using that participents can use on a desktop, laptop or mobile app. An average day at our virtual conference centre is delegates and bosses of a company turn up to our virtual studio which offers free parking and has a meeting with a technician who will load their presentation onto our system. Not only does the presenter see the presentation in front of them realtime, it will also be streamed next to whoever is talking. Once the presentation is loaded the delegates and bosses will be given tea and coffee and a briefing. Before the virtual event we will supply you with a URL username and password so your staff and who you wish to attend the meeting will be able to login and attend the meeting virtually. This can be a single login or multiple login accounts which will be given to you upon booking and when tested will come up with the company logo with the meeting time and date. The number of attendees logged into the event will be monitored by our online technicians and given to you at the end of the presentation. During the event we have camermen that will follow you throughout the conference. The studio consists of four cameras and operators and a studio technician. It has lighting and backdrop colour as requested. The backdrop is an LED screen so by prior arrangement we can make the screen the colour of your choice with your company logo.

With many people working from home we have created a conferencing studio in Office in Surrey. As we all settle into a new way of working from and we believe that companies and delegates are going to want more engaging and professional event experiences, as opposed to just a Zoom call with a presenter in their living room. It’s for this reason that we have creating an virtual meeting venue cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform

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popular video conference service offers a cost-effective alternative to large venue events The latest HD with I.P. technology offers an optimum Video Conference presence and the ability to connect with multiple worldwide locations

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Video Conferencing Room and Equipment Rental in London, states,  streaming and audio and video services our Conference Rooms Built And Designed To Host online Conference Rooms  & Meetings Conferences & Meetings

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Our video conferencing systems are able to transmit live slide shows and video content to attendees, with point to point or multipoint communication. The systems fully integrate into large conferences for live broadcast functionality. a range of live streaming services such as social media streaming, 2 way streaming between sites, VR, 360-degree streaming, corporate webcasting.

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If you need a video conferencing system for your event or conference modern video conferencing systems can link multiple sites, bringing colleagues together from all over the world at any one time.  Find Video Conferencing Equipment Hire in London. Virtual Conferences, Summits, Town Halls. Split-Screen Panel Discussions. Remote Guests. Capture, Create & Distribute Video for Virtual Events Conferencing offers meeting room and conference venue hire in uk use of our industry standard AV systems and include a specialist technician.

The support team provide a video-conferencing service and AV & IT equipment hire, as well as a wide range of support

Hire Video conferencing equipment London, provides all you need to keep your … Our video conferencing systems conform to industry standards